Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

I have driven by the sign to this on my way from Utah to Las Vegas or California probably 100 times and never had time to stop. A flood came through the area and took out an entire section of I-15 and they rerouted us through the Valley of Fire and Overton, NV. The problem was that it was at night and so I couldn't see anything really except for lots of color. The next time I was driving by myself and had the time so I decided to check it out. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. While it's not a large park and it doesn't take more than a day to see and hike all the trails, it's well worth the time. I think I saw just about every color imaginable in that afternoon. I even ran into a well known photographer, Jay Seldon, who was having as much fun as I was! Check it out.

Atlatl Rock- Petroglyphs

Natural Arches- Arch Rock

Cool, winding roads

Short, sandy trails that ended in:

The Mouse Tank- it is a natural collection of water that made for a good hide-out

My only picture taken by a true professional- Jay Seldon at Rainbow Vista

Jay taking a picture

Then I took the same one but I bet his looks a lot better!

Rainbow Vista

The Cabins

Petrified wood

Elephant Rock

Driving home I could see some of the aftermath of the flooding. Photo's do not do it credit.

Back through "the gorge" where some of the oldest rock in the world have been uncovered

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