Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lake Powell, Utah, Arizona, Rainbow Bridge Wahweap Marina, Dangling Rope Marina

For living near Lake Powell my whole life, I really haven't spent enough time there. Since my sister and her family have a boat, I went on three trips with them this summer and fell in love. It's really a beautiful, calm, serene and fun place (unless a storm comes up fast which it did once). The first trip was camping at Lone Rock. Cody and Shelley took their camp trailer and everyone was situated nicely. I took Monterey, Canon and Sophie and Mom and Dad just for the day. Sheldon and Sara Anne came with their family and it was a party. 

Sheldon wanted to take dad on the boat and it was great but it was a little difficult getting dad onto it. Finally Sheldon just picked him up and stepped into the boat with him. Dad weighs 255 pounds and so I was impressed! It's nice to have big, tall and strong brothers

We checked out the dam

Dad with Sophie and Canon

The Wahweap Marina with it's incredibly big and expensive houseboats

Lone Rock which is where we camped. During the month of June and half way through July, the lake fills up about a foot a day and so you have to keep your campsite away from the water a ways

Gena who is five is fearless on the water

Cute Sophie

Shelley looks great at 8 months pregnant

The second trip to Lake powell

Just a couple of weeks later we went out again only this time it was just overnight so they left the camp trailer behind and we just drove out with the boat and camping gear

Sarah and Sequoia

We went up the lake about 40 miles to camp and Cody found this crawdad 

The kids were "cliff jumping"

Cody tried a little fishing but didn't catch anything

Gracy was singing "Let it Go" with all her little heart. It was adorable!

That afternoon we checked out a cave

Gena was so cute with her hat

I found my favorite place was on the back of the boat. I even slept there out under the stars for the first time in years. There was an incident years ago, camping with five of my little children that involved throwing up, no flashlight and no water that kept me from wanting to camp ever again. I am now officially cured. It helps that I didn't have any children to take care of on this trip

Darling Seqouia made and brought me this yummy smore after dinner

Sequoia and Sarah slept in the bow of the boat and we played cards before bed

The next morning was extremely beautiful and the lake was really calm though we had winds through most of the night

After breakfast we took off for Rainbow Bridge

The way in was very narrow in places 

It's a good thing we went early because the dock was separated in a spot from the winds and they closed it down later for repairs. As is was we had it to ourselves

It's the worlds largest natural bridge and incredible!

I've been to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park and never seen anything quite like this. It was amazing and well worth the trip!

There is a dinosaur track right there at the end of the trail to Rainbow bridge. You just have to look for it

After that we went to Dangling Rope Marina for a treat

Cute Jace

Then we went back to the camp to swim, eat lunch and pack up but watch those clouds

By the time the kids got over to cliff jump and we had taken these pictures, Cody realized a storm was coming fast and so we packed up camp as fast as we could. I think it only took us about 20 minutes and we were in the boat trying to out run the storm

This is what it looked like when we left

I think we got everybody but Jace in there

We out ran the storm and went back to Lone Rock to swim and eat lunch on the boat. We just parked the boat and jumped. It was really fun

Even I got into it. I didn't lose my glasses by the way. They were still attached to the top of my head when I got out luckily!

Gracy decided she wanted more sunscreen on after we docked the boat and Cody went to get the vehicle

Trip 3
We stayed at Lone Rock on this trip as well only in a camp trailer.

It has a beautiful view

We found a cave and did this

We hiked Rainbow Bridge again and saw the dinosaur track which is behind where I am taking the picture from

We did some of this

and this

I took a kayak out to Lone Rock exploring and went around it. That was fun


Then we did this


And even this!