Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Road Trip Through Idaho and Montana, McCall, Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, Palouse Hills, Hiawatha Bike Trail, Glacier National Park, West Glacier, MO

This was such an awesome trip! One I would do again in a heartbeat. I went with two of my brothers and their families and friends. We had a 4 car caravan. Most of the trip we stayed with my sister in law's family which was really fun and nice because they knew the best places to go. Glacier National Park was my favorite but the Pa louse Hills were incredible as well. From swimming in waterfalls, log rolling, visiting 3,000 year old trees and glaciers, we did a lot of really amazing things.
On the way to Boise
We stopped at an overlook on the way that was just beautiful

Boise River

Sherri and Sara Anne

In Boise we went to a local hangout and bought some amazing shakes. I had to try the Boston Shake which was a shake on top of a shake

Sara Anne showed me this old, beautiful tree that is a favorite of hers

We also went driving up to the only lookout which was just above the house where she grew up and where we stayed

On the drive to Moscow there were some pretty places to stop

McCall, Idaho

We spent the afternoon in McCall, Idaho which I fell in love with. The kids played at the beach while the boys took a nap. I walked around by myself and really enjoyed myself. I think we were there about 4 hours and then drove the rest of the way through the Pa louse hills to Moscow 

There is an amazing scenic overlook of Lewiston, Idaho where we could see the merging of the Snake and the Clearwater rivers.

Moscow, Idaho in the Pa louse Hills

We stayed at Sara Anne's Aunt Gladys and Uncle Roy's house and early the first morning I got up and walked around taking pictures. They live on a University of Idaho's agriculture test farm and it was really gorgeous

Canola (yellow), lentils and peas I believe. This is looking back at the farm

A wheat field

The kids had fun picking fresh strawberries and we had the. best. fresh strawberry pie. that I have ever had!

The first day we drove about 45 minutes away and hiked to a waterfall where the kids could swim. Well, we all did. It really was a blast!

The twins

By the end, we girls (l-r me, Tessa, Sara Anne) were getting very brave. I even dove in the first time. I haven't done this kind of stuff in years but it's coming right back!

Me and Lizzie hiked to the upper falls to get a picture

The lower falls from the trail

From there we went to nearby lake for some canoeing. It was such and amazingly peaceful and fun day

My brother Sheldon took me out for a spin

Lukey and his flowers. He'll probably be a botanist some day!

There were birds dive bombing and picking up fish. We thought they looked like falcons

We even saw a Bald Eagle

There were enough of us that meals were a big production. Gabe, Sara Anne's cousin planned and executed everything for us. He was awesome!

The second day there the boys went log rolling and the rest of us went hiking on a trail that had a great view of the Palouse Hills. I was torn and wanted to go on both but they were all day things and it was the 4th of July. So I couldn't resist the view and had the boys send me a picture of the log rolling. They seemed to really have had a fun time despite the gashes from the spiked shoes they put on

The hike was something all the kids could do and it was really beautiful. Heidi was amazing! she had just had Ammon a few weeks before!

Stuart and Brandon. Stuart had a big grin on his face the whole time we where driving through the Palouse Hills. He loves the land

Gladys and Roy had this cool outdoor shower that we all used and was extremely convenient

Fresh Strawberry pies for the 4th of July!

Two of my awesome 7, little brothers!

3,000 year old tree

Early the next morning before we left for Silverwood, me, Stuart and Emily went to see the big 3,000  year old Cedar tree near Elk River, Idaho. The loggers left few and so there is a grove of them

The "King Cedar"

Silverwood Amusement Park

This was a fun amusement park with some big, wooden roller coasters. The Butler boys had more fun than anyone, but I have to say I went on the biggest rides at least 5 times each

Me and Hayden hung out

Hayden took this picture of me. Yes, I am up there somewhere

At some point I turned my camera over to the kids and got some great shots!

Spokane, WA

We stayed one night at Gabe's house in Spokane. He showed us his bee's and his bird nest

After Spokane Lizzie, Josh and I drove to Kalispell separate so that we could stop and do the Hiawatha bike trail that Gabe told us about. On the way we stopped at Wallace, Idaho which is a historic town not to mention it's a family name

Wallace, Idaho

 Route of the Hiawatha

The Hiawatha Bike path was one of the coolest parts of the whole trip although it was all pretty awesome. We rented bikes at Lookout Pass and then drove to the trail head. The bikes were delivered to us and we started our journey. It's 16 miles of a slow downgrade old railroad that has been converted to a bike path. We went over 7 trestle bridges and through 9 tunnels. One tunnel was over 2 miles long and we went through it on the way back to. You finish the trail and then you can take a shuttle back up to where the cars are parked but you have to go back through the first tunnel

After the first tunnel

Josh was pretty comfortable on a bike!

The views were breathtaking

The first tunnel goes over the Continental Divide and so on the South side the water was running South

All the way I was fine but going back through the last tunnel at the end was wetter for some reason

And on the North side the water was running North

Road trip through Montana

Camping in Kalispell

I actually stayed in the Motel 6 but everyone else camped. I thought I was going to have Tessa with me but she went back home early

The camp site was quite nice and cozy

Glacier National Park

It was more beautiful than I thought. There didn't seem to be clearly marked areas to stop though so you had to watch for cars off the road and hike down to get views like this one

This was totally a spontaneous shot. I love it!

Road to the Sun

Apparently this road had just opened up a week before we got there. There really wasn't time to see anything else so I am glad it was open and it was incredible

Sheldon freezing his brain

We even stopped to play on a glacier!

We saw mountain goats by the side of the road

West Glacier Helicopter

After everyone else left, I went back to West Glacier and took a helicopter ride. It was so amazing! The pilot said you can only see about 10% of the park from roads and trails but we saw about 90% of it

A park lookout way up high

More mountain goats

McDonald Lake

The drive back home

I had to stop and try some Huckleberry pie. I ate it for breakfast

It was truly one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken and I have taken a lot. It turned me into more of a road tripper although I will always love international travel