Saturday, December 21, 2013

Picture The Holidays with Tracey Clark- 31 Days of Holiday Picture Ideas

I love taking her classes because I have to create the picture and they are always ones I love. Sometimes mine are completely different than her but that's the idea. Still I try to stick to the prompt.

Day 1- Turning over a new leaf

Day 2- Re framing the season

Day 3- Get Grounded

All the Men in my life

Day 4- Wish upon a star

I saw this on Pinterest only without the faces

Day 5- The view from here

My backyard view
Day 6- Every little thing

Rick's smile

Day 7- Comfort

Day 8- Up on the roof

My Street

Day 9- Monochromatic magic

In my backyard

Day 10- Twinkle Twinkle

Day 11- Minimalist

Day 12- All is calm

Day 13- Simply Divine

Day 14- Sincerely Yours

Day 15- Prep and Primp

Making another version of their own game called Hollywood Hotties

Day 16- The season of lights

Day 17- Symbolic

Day 18- Traditions

Annual Stout Family Potluck and White Elephant gift party

Day 19- Keep your cool

Day 20- Wrapped with Love

Day 21- Attitude adjustment

Day 22- The Beauty of Bare

Day 23- Sparkle and Shine

Day 24- Enchantment

Day 25- The Magic Moment

Day 26- The Day After

Day 27- Breath of Fresh Air

Day 28- Keep in Mind (Words)

My motto for the 2014

Day 29- Take Your Time

Day 30- No Looking Back

Day 31- Let your feelings fly

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