Saturday, December 21, 2013

Picture The Holidays with Tracey Clark- 31 Days of Holiday Picture Ideas

I love taking her classes because I have to create the picture and they are always ones I love. Sometimes mine are completely different than her but that's the idea. Still I try to stick to the prompt.

Day 1- Turning over a new leaf

Day 2- Re framing the season

Day 3- Get Grounded

All the Men in my life

Day 4- Wish upon a star

I saw this on Pinterest only without the faces

Day 5- The view from here

My backyard view
Day 6- Every little thing

Rick's smile

Day 7- Comfort

Day 8- Up on the roof

My Street

Day 9- Monochromatic magic

In my backyard

Day 10- Twinkle Twinkle

Day 11- Minimalist

Day 12- All is calm

Day 13- Simply Divine

Day 14- Sincerely Yours

Day 15- Prep and Primp

Making another version of their own game called Hollywood Hotties

Day 16- The season of lights

Day 17- Symbolic

Day 18- Traditions

Annual Stout Family Potluck and White Elephant gift party

Day 19- Keep your cool

Day 20- Wrapped with Love

Day 21- Attitude adjustment

Day 22- The Beauty of Bare

Day 23- Sparkle and Shine

Day 24- Enchantment

Day 25- The Magic Moment

Day 26- The Day After

Day 27- Breath of Fresh Air

Day 28- Keep in Mind (Words)

My motto for the 2014

Day 29- Take Your Time

Day 30- No Looking Back

Day 31- Let your feelings fly

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Capital Reef National Park, Utah with UVU

I went with a UVU group for a weekend photography retreat back in May and just forgot to post it. We stayed at their field house which was extremely nice. I met lots of really cool people and had a great get away weekend for myself. We would get up really early to shoot with the sunrise and we would drive for miles to different spots for the sunset also. It was pretty cool. The photographers name was Rex- pretty cool since he's the only other one I have ever met except my father in law and my son. 

A part of the field house where we stayed. It had six or seven different buildings and was self sufficient for power and water.

We learned how to do night shots. This one took 30 minutes and a tripod

We hiked to a waterfall for this shot

I don't know why but I think this is my favorite of all my shots

We did some night painting. That was fun too.