Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic

David's SMS Conference was in Prague this year. It was an amazing trip. I spent a day in Vienna and we rented a car and went to Budapest, Hungary also after the conference.

Prague Castle with the spires of St. Vitus Cathedral in the center

A view of Prague Castle from the banks of the Vltava River. Our hotel was right by the river just down the street

View of the Charles Bridge which leads to the Castle

Prague Castle at night

Touring Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Changing of the Guard

Walking down out of the Castle

Gorgeous views

A walk to the Charles Bridge from the Castle

The Czechs really do like graffiti 

These are love locks with engraved names

This is called the John Lennon Wall. While the communists were in charge, people would risk prison to cover the wall in paint as an expression of their freedom. It didn't matter how many times the government painted over it, others would cover it. Now it looks like this. I don't know how many layers of paint are on it but it must be many 

We stepped inside Wallenstein's Palace grounds for a moment

Then we walked on the Charles Bridge

That was a wonderful experience. It's so beautiful. Lots of people too

They say Prague is the City of Spires. It has over 100

Going back toward Old Town. You can almost see our hotel on the far left.

St. Wenseslas on the Charles Bridge

Then we took a boat ride on the Vltava

The Charles Bridge and Prague Castle 

We stayed at the Intercontinental. It was a great hotel in a great location

Nice pool and hot tub

Nice view of the Vltava

They had great breakfasts as well

We climbed the clock tower at the Old Town Square which was just down a few blocks from our hotel

All the people watching the orlaj (clock) 

 A Minstrel played for us 

It was some pretty amazing views

The Orlaj. First built in 1410. The oldest clock in the world still working

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