Saturday, May 26, 2012

Picture Black and White with Tracey Clark

I am hoping that this class will teach me what pictures are better for black and white. Here is my take on the assignments.

Day 1 is lines. I used Anna's drawing of Elvis

Day 2 is Shaping up- This was a yellow Cinco De Mayo decoration

Day 3 is Repetition

Day 4 is patterns- my sister in law took this shot with my camera of my cute niece in my new diner

Day 5 is Architectural- My mom and dad

Day 6 is White Out

Day 7 is Rim Light. She had a picture of a mug with back light but I like this better

Day 8 is Looking into the Sun

Day 9 is Me and My Shadow

Day 10 is High Contrast- Anna

Day 11 is Smooth and Shiny

Day 12 is rough and tumble

Day 13 is Textiles. This one goes swish

Day 14 is Cracked Open

Day 15 is Watered Down

Day 16 is Note to Self- I loved this quote that I got of my friend Jill's blog!

Day 17 is Good Fortune- I feel very blessed to own my new home. I knew it was home the first time I stepped into it

Day 18 is Well Said

Day 19 is No Words Necessary

Day 20 is Handwritten- The Chalk Bandits wrote nice notes to Abby all over the driveway

Day 21- The Sky is the Limit

Day 22 is Grounded

Day 23 is Landscape. This view looks down on our home

Day 24 is Getting Intimate

Day 25 is the Growth Process

Day 26 is Documentary- A huge fire that burned over 4000 acres across the lake

Day 27 is a Detailed Study

Day 28- In Context. Tells a bigger story. Looking out over the Danube in Hungary.

Day 29 is Expression

Day 30- A simple gesture. Everyone loves Joseph. I often capture it in my photographs

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