Friday, May 25, 2012

Cabo San Lucas and Capella Pedregal Resort

For my birthday David surprised me with a plane ride to Cabo San Lucas. He was going with a client for a retreat and when he saw how nice the hotel was he bought me a ticket. Apparently it's the newest and most expensive resort in Cabo. We had our own little pool on our balcony that looked out over the ocean. It was fantastic!

They decorated all their trees with lights and hearts that lit up at night

Our room is the top on the bottom right so I could walk out on the grass roof

This was the view down the south beach. Just over those rocks is lovers beach where we were with our kids on the cruise

ooh, I always wanted a picture like this!

They even combed the sand every morning

This beach is secluded (which means no vendors to bother you) and we had to drive through this tunnel to get here

Loved, loved the balcony and room. It even had rain forest shower

Our balcony view

I spent most of my time at the pool reading. I just put on 60 and stayed out all day

We could see whales jumping often but they were far away

mmmm, nice

The executive team at Landesk

We stayed at the resort all the time except for one evening we took a tour with the group and went out for dinner

They serenaded me for my birthday (and $5)

On the last morning, I got up at 6am and walked down the beach for the sunrise

It was gorgeous

Cindie Crawford and George Clooney, who are friends live up there somewhere and were at the resort the Saturday before we came. Big whoops (Sorry I have to miss spell the name so I won't get those stupid links that just pop up. If anyone knows how to get around this will you please let me know?)


  1. This looks like it was an amazing trip. So beautiful, and it looks like you had a ton of fun. I just love all your pictures.

  2. No wonder why it is so expensive its worth it. The place so beautiful for sure you have a wonderful birthday there. Thank you so much for sharing this I go there one time.

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