Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pathway Orphanage, Chennai, India Part 2

Sorry it took me so long to get these up. I am in the middle of a move and I've been distracted of late. I am back though and ready to go again. I don't have as many trips coming up this year as last, but we'll work with it.

This is the final installment of my daughter's 2 month orphanage experience in Chennai, India. We thought we were sending her to learn about a little hardship. Instead she was a princess there. She taught art and other subjects. She played with and loved the little children who don't have parents. They only have each other to share and knowledge. Whatever art my daughter taught the 4th graders eventually got around to all the other kids. They wouldn't let her cook or clean. She just ate with the about 240 students and children there. It was a once in a life time experience for her and absolutely incredible.

We would like to thank Dr. Sheffield and the director over there, Dr Prasad for allowing Anna to spend this wonderful time with their children. The hardest part for her was getting attached and then having to leave. We will go back and visit sometime soon. It's a very worthy charity. Right now they are trying to raise money for the upkeep of their buildings which deteriorate quickly in the humid environment and they need isolation area for children who get sick. Now when a child gets sick they pass it around to all the kids. To donate go Here
Gayatri, Rucumani, Deepika and Radha.

An intense game of chess - Anna vs. all. 

The boys.

Play time.

New LDS chapel in Chennai, India.

The LDS chapel.

Some of the girls getting ready to dance for me, Sudha Subraminiam, Dr Prasad and Director Madame 

Arugaman, one of the special children. What a delight.

Cutting the cake for Sudha madame's son's birthday celebration.

Beautiful Ashika.

Deepalakshmi and her dancer braid.

They dressed Anna up for the celebration

Ashika and I.

Anna's little mottai-Priya, Sharlu, Gracie and Prabha. True beauty is happy eyes, bright, beautiful smiles and no more itchy heads.

looking at my photo album which never came home. Nor did any of her other pictures. The kids delight in pictures

Adorably Jayasuriya.

Naveen and a snake.

They stopped throwing rocks to pose for Anna

Children's Day Celebration

Making Anna India, regardless of hair color, eyebrows must be black.

Buildings in Chennai blackened by the Tsunami of 2004

Sunset over Chennai.

Fishermen at the Bay of Bengal.

The Hindu temple complex - Anna in a churidar.

The slums.


Posing Indian style.

Recently excavated ruins in Tamil Nadu.

The Shore Temple.


Crocodile farm.

Industrial Chennai.

Waiting for the boys to finish lunch.

Gopika and Lavanya.

From the roof of the boys dormitory.

Saravanan- what a stud. If there was a bishop- he would be him. He was a father figure to the children at only 17 years old

A brilliant sunset.

The older boys - Charan, Suriya, Raju, Robinson and Jude in the front.

The girls braided Anna's hair at least 4 times a day.

Henna from the village.

One of the laborwomen.

Gisho - so awesome.

Monsoon season.

Malani. The best girl in the world.

Wash day at Pathway.

Beautiful Cosi.


Aishwarya Rai has nothing on Priya.

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