Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Royal Caribbean's 3 Day Bahama's Cruise on "Majesty of the Seas" and Miami, Florida

We squeezed in a 3 day cruise just before David's SMS Conference in Miami. We actually went in November and it was perfect weather.

This is the most beautiful port I have ever sailed out of

When we come back we stay at the Loews Hotel which has the dome roof

The happening part of Majesty of the Seas

This was as close as we got to the Coco cays since the seas were to rough to ferry people 

This was the little opening the ferries had to go through. It must happen often is all I can say. So instead we headed to Nassau for an extra night there

Nassau, Bahamas

I loved the bright colors of the Carribbean

The first night we decide to go see the Atlantis hotel. There were some nice abstract shots inside

Strange things actually

I here there are only three in the world. This one, one in Dubai and Barbados. It looked fabulous

We almost stayed to watch a live concert by Brian Adams that night

My reflection shot. Not a very good one at that. Just different

Beautiful condos across the street

Back on the hotel it was formal night

Ordering dinner had got to be one of my favorite things to do

You can see the Atlantis from our ship

Downtown Nassau

I have heard so many people say there is nothing to do there but we had a great time 

Playing the drums

Being an Aztec Queen

The streets were lively and colorful

This was the queen's staircase. From bahamasgo.com I got this info "Nassau's most visited attraction is the Queen's Staircase. Climb the 65 steps, recently renovated, carved out of solid limestone by slaves in the late 18th century, between 1793 and 1794. It is reported that slaves were forced to cut through rocks with axes and other sharp hand tools.This 102 foot staircase was named in honor of the 65 years of Queen's Victoria's reign. Construction of this monument is still regarded as remarkable. For practical purposes, the staircase provides a shorter route to and form Bennet's Hill."

Fort Fincastle had some great views of Nassau

We got to go to an exotic bird reserve. It was so cool!

They had all these little alleyways you could explore to see the different birds

This is an Eclectus Parrot

A Cockatoo

Who kisses the trainer

This parrot preened just for me. Look at that look he gave me. He knew exactly how good looking he is!

There were flamingos everywhere. I guess they don't fly away

And they were pretty friendly and let me get close up

I got pretty close to this leopard though. Good thing there was a mesh fence between us.

They had a flamingo show for us

They called me out to stand with the flamingos

They loved giving kisses to the little girls

But I couldn't get one to give me a kiss for the life of me

I did get a kiss from the Cockatoo though

A typical house in Nassau. Some were nicer and some not so nice

We visited Fort Charlotte as well. We had a nice view of the Cruise Boats

We got to see Fort Charlotte also

It was pretty cool exploring it

We got thirsty and drank some Mystic Blue something. It was pretty good

Lots of tourist shops

I loved this little lighthouse just in view off the beach

She let me take her picture though she doesn't look too happy about it

This guy was happy when he saw me taking pictures though

David bought a hat. He's beginning to get a pretty good collection since he forgets to bring his every time

The earrings seem to be a different style where ever we go

Another view of the light house while leaving the dock

The last meal at our favorite buffet

We stayed at the Loews Hotel on Miami Beach. It was amazing

The had an entire wall aquarium that showed into one of the shops

Other than read and lay by the pool or beach I took a tour of Miami

We stopped at little Havana

I think this guy is a permanent fixture here

Just next door the locals were playing games 

A huge wall mural

Part of the tour was a boat ride

I didn't realize it was all about the celebs that live on one of the exclusive islands or I wouldn't have gone since I could care less about that. This one use to be Elizabeth Taylor's home.There were some pretty beautiful homes though

We saw our ship "Majesty of the Seas" anchored while on the boat ride. They were getting ready to take a four day Bahama's cruise

Our hotel was gorgeous

This was our private little path to the ocean

We saw a beautiful rainbow from our hotel window

The Jacuzzi was nice at night

That night we walked to the Art Deco district. They had cafes all along the street but the funny thing is that they all served the same food- Italian. 

We finally chose a place to eat that had a flamenco dancer. She was really good

I ordered a drink. It's a good thing I only ordered one

The food was fabulous

We walked back to the hotel and I took some night shots along the way

Another fantastic trip. I am very spoiled. The more I go the more I want to go