Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture Fall- 30 Days of Fall Photography Challenge

I know it's late. I've been taking pictures but with all my travel it's put me way behind. In fact I think I still have one or two pictures to add to Picture Summer. But I am almost there. This class was from Tracey Clark of "Big Picture Classes". I highly recommend the class. I will be also doing Picture Winter and then I will be done with all of the seasons.

The Quintessential Fall

Day 1- Leaves and who says you can't bring them inside

Day 2- Get Comfy- This is my reflection from my fireplace

Day 3- The Beauty Challenge- find some beauty in the spent

Day 4- Morning Light

Day 5- Little reminders

Day 6- Subtleties

Day 7- After the fall

Day 8- Keeping it simple and studying the light. I caught this picture at the right time of day so that the sky would be blue as well as the mountainside lit up

Day 9 What remains

Day 10- In the Kitchen

Day 11- Stripping down- Texture 

Day 12 is play- The girls made up their own board game. It was all about who was going to marry what Hollywood star. It was actually quite ingenious 

Day 13- Good Day Sunshine- finding something colorful to brighten your day

Day 14- unexpected enchantment

Day 15- Mid Month Message

Day16 is to show contradiction or opposites

Day 17- Bounty- My Grandma's pomegranates that we get a box of every year

Day 18- What's your muse? Mine was the different fall colors

Day 19- Scattered- Joseph is the only one who reads the newspaper at our house

Day 20- Connections between People

Day 21- Serving up Kindness- My daughter volunteering in an orphanage in India for two months- Thanks to Jessica for this picture

Day 22- silhouettes

Day 23- The rhythm of repetition

Day 24 is Family matters- We dressed up Indian style when Anna got home and went out to eat Indian food

Day 25- Fall colors- my Abby

Day 26- Seek out some kind of openness

Day 27- Leafy Love

Day 28- The Great Pumpkin

Day 29- Sweet Relief- This is the candy we give out every year

Day 30 is Fantasy land

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