Monday, November 21, 2011

Lone Peak vs Fremont, Hurricane vs. Desert Hills

Never in my life have I won two championships in row, let alone in a single day. My kids go to Lone Peak and I have a 10th grader that plays football there. They took their first State Football Championship ever (the life of the school is only 15 years) and then my High School (Hurricane) won their first championship since 1947. That's a long time. They have been in the state championship for the last four years straight but they couldn't ever beat Juan Diego. Thank you Spanish Fork! So it was like a high school reunion there only nobody really talked since it was snowing and everyone was huddled under the covers.

Lone Peak vs. Fremont

All the championship games were played at Rice-Eccles Stadium

Brody Berry kicking off

Number 51 there is a cute kid. At least Abby and I think so

Trevor Robb kicks a field goal

Brady Schmidt #33 is my next door neighbor

Brody Berry giving his mom a hug. He was so excited he even gave me a hug. Abby was jealous!

Hurricane vs. Desert Hills

My cousin Troy never misses a game. Of course it started snowing the minute the Lone Peak game was over

A lot of these boys are kids of kids I went to high school with

Taylor Cook came with us and we met Krista there

The Hurricane fans were so intense! This guy never sat down

Taylor looking good in our hat we bought in Russia

Now these are serious fans

This picture was the best I could get to let you see that Hurricane had at least 3 times the fans there

Sara Anne and cute baby Brit

Troy and his son Jake

Crystel and Abby

We left at half time and finished watching the game on TV. I was glad we did when I saw what the field looked like. Those poor desert kids

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