Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Hurricane and Riding the Historic Honeymoon Trail

It seems like every year is completely different. We try new things and see new places. Here are some of the things I am grateful for and what Thanksgiving means to me:

American Heroes- Tim left last Thanksgiving to go to Afghanistan and he just returned before this Thanksgiving 

This badge means he engaged the enemy. He got shrapnel in the face is what happened when his truck was blown up and the driver killed. We love you Tim!

Beautiful Sunsets

The Turkey Bowl. Sheldon is the center. It was kind of fun to watch those big, old married guys take on the littler, single guys

My big dude brothers. Ben on the left is 6'6"

The marrieds won by the way even though the single guys had Goma who plays for the U

The land of plenty that we live in

Big, warm houses

Cousin Love

Joseph was more interested in reading the paper than eating Thanksgiving dinner

Flowers still blooming in Southern Utah


And more football

I went in to rescue my mom and dad from one little loud child and this is what I found. They didn't want to be rescued at all!

Getting together with old friends!

And having new adventures:
Riding the Honeymoon Trail on Four Wheelers
"The Honeymoon Trail had a number of points of origin, but one destination: the St. George Temple. For some, it started at the Mormon settlements in Arizona such as Snowflake and St. Johns. It crossed the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry, went through Pipe Springs and followed the winter leg of the Temple Trail on down the Fort Pierce Wash and into St. George." Utah State History Website. My dad said it took Honeymooners one week to get there and two or three weeks to get back.

But first we stopped at the Hurricane lookout which was very beautiful with all the fall colors

This is my Grandma's house where we had Thanksgiving dinner. I grew up in a house in all the trees. That house is gone and now my aunt lives in a new house there.

We could see three falls from there as well. I used to dive off the first fall all the time. It was about 25 or 30 feet high and then I would climb up the cliff face. It was a lot of fun. Eventually I dove as high as 60 feet at Lake Powell. I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone though

The first vista when we got on the trail was of Warner Valley

It reminded me of the Vermilion Cliffs by Page, AZ

There were some pretty steep and rocky parts for four wheelers. I can't imagine doing it in a wagon

If you look hard enough you can see my parents home as a little white dot. Just follow the road

Project Life Ideas for September and October

Please also see Picture Fall

Flags for Memorial Day



Cool graffiti

Purple Trees

Got a collection?



Giant Flowers


Barely hanging on

Use Natural light

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture Fall- 30 Days of Fall Photography Challenge

I know it's late. I've been taking pictures but with all my travel it's put me way behind. In fact I think I still have one or two pictures to add to Picture Summer. But I am almost there. This class was from Tracey Clark of "Big Picture Classes". I highly recommend the class. I will be also doing Picture Winter and then I will be done with all of the seasons.

The Quintessential Fall

Day 1- Leaves and who says you can't bring them inside

Day 2- Get Comfy- This is my reflection from my fireplace

Day 3- The Beauty Challenge- find some beauty in the spent

Day 4- Morning Light

Day 5- Little reminders

Day 6- Subtleties

Day 7- After the fall

Day 8- Keeping it simple and studying the light. I caught this picture at the right time of day so that the sky would be blue as well as the mountainside lit up

Day 9 What remains

Day 10- In the Kitchen

Day 11- Stripping down- Texture 

Day 12 is play- The girls made up their own board game. It was all about who was going to marry what Hollywood star. It was actually quite ingenious 

Day 13- Good Day Sunshine- finding something colorful to brighten your day

Day 14- unexpected enchantment

Day 15- Mid Month Message

Day16 is to show contradiction or opposites

Day 17- Bounty- My Grandma's pomegranates that we get a box of every year

Day 18- What's your muse? Mine was the different fall colors

Day 19- Scattered- Joseph is the only one who reads the newspaper at our house

Day 20- Connections between People

Day 21- Serving up Kindness- My daughter volunteering in an orphanage in India for two months- Thanks to Jessica for this picture

Day 22- silhouettes

Day 23- The rhythm of repetition

Day 24 is Family matters- We dressed up Indian style when Anna got home and went out to eat Indian food

Day 25- Fall colors- my Abby

Day 26- Seek out some kind of openness

Day 27- Leafy Love

Day 28- The Great Pumpkin

Day 29- Sweet Relief- This is the candy we give out every year

Day 30 is Fantasy land