Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hurricane Peach Days 2011, Gooseberry Mesa and Grafton, Utah

What a great weekend this was! I got to see Gooseberry Mesa which I just heard is the best place for mountain biking and is right by where I grew up. My husband has just taken up the sport and I can see why he loves it when you get to see such incredible scenery while riding. I went along to see what the fuss was all about and took my book. After he did some biking, we drove down the other side of the mesa into Grafton, UT which is an old ghost town. This is where the filmed some movies including "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".

This kind of looks like the same group as last year

Joseph loved the candy!

For some reason he thought he was supposed to pull faces at everyone in the parade

I think I went out with this guy once! Whoa

This was the class just a year older than me. My cousin Troy should be there. He did come down for their 30 year reunion later but I only recognize a few of these guys now. That will be me next year! Ouch

Good ol Polly Stirland. She was in my ward growing up. I think she must be in her 80's now. Uncle John asked her how old she was now and she told him he's not supposed to ask that question!

Wayne Edwards and his wife Marjean were also in my ward growing up. Then he was my Principal in high school  He is LaVell Edwards brother. You can see the resemblance. They had a son my age- Jeff. I should have looked him up when I was in San Antonio. They told me he works right where I was. Oh well

Lunch is always a must at the fair

Dad's melons won the sweepstakes

This is inside my Elementary school. What fond memories- well some

Joseph was as hard on Grandma's house as he is on mine. This time he dumped out a bag of cement

Heidi my sister in law, runs the Rodeo for Peach Days which is a big deal. The bleachers were loaded and they keep bringing in more all the time. My brother Stuart helped with the barrels

Heidi won the barrel racing

And my niece Lizzy won it for her age group

Sleeping out is what summer is all about

My brother's bought this for my dad to use since he can't get around to do his chores very well anymore. I don't think he will ever not do chores

Beautiful views from the house. Sand Hollow is just over that rise

The Farm

Going up on top of Gooseberry Mesa

It was a beautiful, cloudy morning. Perfect for taking pictures

Virgin (a little town by the Virgin River) and Zion National Park in the distance

I grew up with these flat top Mesa's all around me

Grafton is very well preserved for a ghost town

On the way back I snagged a shot of the old home my G, G Grandfather- Allen Joseph Stout built many years ago

We also stopped to get a shot of the Virgin River. I used to go to ward parties here as a little girl and play in the water and eat dutch oven chicken and potatoes! I can still remember how yummy it was

Emerald loves to ride Sippy

Cute, dusty little horse riders

Beautiful girls who-

Love to chase chickens! 

This turkey thinks he's all that- his name is Obama


  1. Awesome pictures as usual! - David

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