Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enterprise, UT

So I spent the weekend in Hurricane and we went over to Enterprise for my nephew's mission homecoming. While there I decided to take some cute little girls and see what we could find to take pictures of. We spent less than an hour, so I know that I missed a lot but hey, what I did find was pretty fun-

One really large family

A cute kid with a cool red pump in his front yard

Some teenagers just hanging out

About a thousand cars in front of one house. I couldn't even get them all in the picture

Some awesome grassy hills

A well used tree house

\A cool old shed that we couldn't get close to because of the dogs

A tractor graveyard at the Enterprise Elementary school

Some thing that was dead

An E on the mountain

A merry go round

A bunch of long, circular buildings that I didn't know what was for

An LDS Tithing Granary from 1908

Fun places to do cartwheels 

People riding golf carts everywhere


A cool antique? Art?

Some more cool art

An interesting sign 

Some old, abandoned houses

Some official looking buildings

Some colorful walls

Some cute, little houses

Some nice, big houses

Some unique targets

Wide open spaces and farmland

Trash cans out in the middle of nowhere

Beautiful scenery on the way there

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