Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project Life photo ideas for May and June

I should have posted this last month but forgot. These are some of the Project Life photos that I took that have not made it onto my blog already.

My Sister In Law Susie took this photo. She has her own Photo Blog at adelaide-photography

Rex had a pretty good first year of Rugby

Anna graduated with a scholarship and other honors that she didn't know about until after the honors ceremony, but that's OK. Just getting her graduated was a big milestone for me!

I got to go with the special ed class to an Aquarium field trip. I really had an appreciation for Joe's teacher and assistants. They really have their hands full! It was all I could do to keep track of just Joseph

Rex went to a Jimmer and Jackson basketball camp. He has had two basketballs in his hand ever since. It's how I get Anna up in the mornings sometimes

We waited for a couple of hours to see the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU but it was well worth it

This was an ordinary thing to get a picture of but hey, I send Rick about a package a month

My brother built this little chicken coup and was very proud of it

I love Mother's Day. I don't have to lift a finger all day long

It was my turn to host the Missionary Mom's Luncheon. I made it easy on myself and got all the food at Costco. I gave every mother a book called "Drawing Closer To God" by Henry B. Eyring to send to their son's since I had sent one to Rick and he really loved it and was studying it carefully

A friend gave this beautiful keepsake box that she made to me. This picture does not do it justice. Thank you Carolee!

How could anyone resist this? They couldn't and Rex had plenty of cars to wash for his Eagle Project. He had to raise money to buy mulch for the cemetery

John is old enough to mow the lawn this year!

Home Teachers coming to visit. Who ever takes pictures of this? I do- well I gave the camera to one of the kids

This is about the 4th time Joseph has come home from school with his pants looking like this. They looked fine when I sent him to school!

Anna swept the top three biggest awards at the Lone Peak Art show this week. She got the "Best of Show", "Students Choice Award" and 1st place in Drawing. The man on the left and the football players are hers

David had an article published in the "Harvard Business Review" this week. This is his second

I think I need to do something about that Tooth Fairy. She is not very reliable and so my kids are leaving out notes on plastic bags to remind her!

Anna graduates from Seminary

I talked some neighbor kids into helping us crack nuts. Rex was the entertainment. I laughed so hard and had no idea that he was that funny. Now I know why all the kids like him so much. Why can't he be like that at home? What is it with kids and changing personalities when they walk through the door? 

Rex gets his permit 

Susie took these pictures of Anna and Abby

Joe brought me a flower! What a sweet boy

Abby and some friends did a Princess Party day to make a little money. They had crafts and a tea party and games etc. There were quite a few cute, little princesses there

Friday, July 29, 2011

Photography Challenge- What Can You Find In Your Neighborhood?

So I wanted to do this challenge and I grabbed my friend Sheri and we went walking around our neighborhood. As it turned out, we started at the White's farm just down the street and ended up spending all our time there. As the sun was going down it started to rain and we decided we would just have to do it again.

So about a week later we went out in the evening again and only had time to walk up one street and around to the cemetery and back. For the pictures we got I thought we went a relatively short distance. It's amazing what you can find just right around you!

There is a junk yard just across the street but fenced so you can't see it. I just stuck my camera up over the fence and snapped some shots.

Some cool bridges

A beautiful iron fence

A cute dog

A horse out of it's coral

An interesting piece of farm equipment

A cool shed

The horse turned out to be friendly

A gorgeous horse named Blue

A cute dog named Pixie

An 80 year old farmer who earned a doctorate from Columbia University and is as spry as a 60 year old

A gorgeous sunset

A horse named Stout

Who was very friendly!

Another friendly horse

A hen and her chicks living in a shed

A very large garden

Farmer White- an amazing man

It started to rain and our neighborhood hunt ended for the day

The next week we found interesting flowers

Pretty window flower boxes

Awesome outdoor decor

Lots of cool birdhouses

A man and his Harley

Brightly colored plants

And sheds


A boy named Brady who was celebrating his birthday!

Brady and some of his friends

Some awesome looking shoes

A beautiful dog

Lots and Lots of roses

Even boys showing their mothers how to take macro pictures

Beautiful front yards

More interesting flowers

I like looking thin even if it is just in a shadow

A cemetery with dedicated plaques

The graves of our daughter's friends

A wishing well

Cute kids out in their pajamas

Friends just hanging out on the lawn

A cool tree trunk

When it got dark I was walking home and sat on a street to get this shot of a passing car

Home Sweet Home