Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hurricane - Crystel's Homecoming

First we had the Wallace Family Reunion on Saturday of Memorial weekend and then we had Crystel's homecoming with a big dinner on Sunday. There were a lot of people there. In Church before Crystel spoke, the Bishop asked for all the people that were visiting and related to Crystel to stand up and it was fully half of the congregation! I thought that was funny.

Some things never change like Dad taking the water late at night

Crystel's missionary plaque joined the rest of ours. There is one space left for Jared and he puts his papers in in a couple of months. The "Mormon Times" which is a supplement to the Deseret News is doing an article on our family and almost 14 missionaries. I think it comes out this week or next.

Pinevalley Mountain in the Spring

I picked David up from church and thought he made a nice photo

Just trying to be a little artistic- not sure I succeeded

"Mmm- nice water, don't you think so Erica? Yes Kate dear..."

Sometimes I have to take a reflection photo to get myself in the pictures

Just look at all those hard working women and there I am just taking pictures.

of kids dancing 

and having fun with their cousins

or Uncles 

This picture hangs on my Grandmothers wall. It of the old Stout farm in Orderville

Susie and Daniel

Grandma's old bookcase and little Ann 

The best part- getting ready to eat

Back at the farm- Joe is trying to be helpful with the baking

There are it seems thousand's of little kids running around and so (Jake)...

 I have some helpless subjects to take pictures of


Jace and his cute expressions


I cajoled my Dad into being a prop for me for a while




Tyson and Lincoln

Little Brit

It seemed my Dad even started having fun! Luke


Canon- Monterey didn't know she named him after me I bet

Liam- please forgive me sister's if I don't get all the spelling correct





Some weren't having as much fun as Grandpa- Lilly


Even son's wanted to get in on the fun- Jared



Bella- no she's not named after the vampire movie




Since Dad has almost 70 grandchildren it's a good thing he has so much love to go around!

Sweet little Sequoia

Abby Cakes as we call her

Emily and Erica


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  1. Beautiful images! Met you on Picture Color! So many wonderful artists there!