Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Life photo ideas for March and April

My work space

Missionary Mom's Luncheon. We gain helpful tidbits of information from each other

My favorite new author and book

My brother Ben played Rugby for SUU

Spring Fling was one big group Chinese party

This picture I got from a newspaper. Lone Peak High School takes State and that's my daughter with her mouth wide open on the bottom right!

I am very proud of my food storage room. It took me years to get it done and I only store things that I use so I have to replenish every year, but it makes me happy and peaceful. How did I do it? I kept a list in my purse and frequently updated it. Take a look Food Storage List

Jump on it for Family Home Evening. We had great fun

Rex making one of his first tackles of the Rugby season. He plays for United 9th/10th grade team

Anna gets her Young Women's recognition. It took her years to do it but she did it!

Yea! Abby gets hers at the same time

Anna gets her 4 wisdom teeth pulled and this is as swollen as she got

Sondra, my sister made Megan's birthday cake. Wow is all I can say!

Anna makes her first try (score) in Rugby- she is the one on the ground

Anna's Rugby team (United)


  1. Hello. I was looking at your food list and was wondering what the year and case letter number combination mean? Like 4b, 10c?

    1. Hi Marguerie, sorry I didn't see your comment sooner. The year is what I have estimated that I will need for my family for an entire year and then the list next to it (on hand) is the one I update when I am resupplying my storage so I know what I will need to buy. The letters mean c= #10 size cans, C= cases, L= Large, B= Buckets, G= Gallon, Q= Quart, I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have others!

      Thanks, Angelyn