Sunday, April 10, 2011

London, England in April

These pictures are from April, 2008. David and I went to London for David to do some work at the London Business School. We were only there for 5 days and I didn't have my nice new camera or some of my photo skills. It was definitely sweater weather but still it was nice and didn't rain on us once. We stayed at the Business school lodgings which were right by Regent Park. It was beautiful and a short walk to access to everything.

Hot Chocolate on Bakers Street

We walked by 221 Baker's Street almost everyday to catch a cab

Regents park was just across the street and they had blooming flowers which we did not have yet back in Utah

David took me for a boat ride. It was very romantic

London Business School

Piccadilly Square

I don't know if people use these anymore but they make for great pictures

A common sight- these double decker buses and these black taxi's

We spent some time at the art museum. My favorite was the portrait gallery

The Eye and Big Ben

St. Paul's Cathedral- we climbed all the steps to the top for a fabulous view

We toured the London Tower. This was very interesting to me since one of my famous ancestors (William Wallace- my Grandmother was a Wallace and could trace her ancestry back to William's father) was held here and then drawn and quartered on the street nearby. Probably near where I took this picture from.

The guards were great fun

Tower Bridge as seen from the Tower of London

Shakespeare's Theatre- it has been rebuilt

The Eye from a river boat tour

I was happy to see the Queen Mary docked here since I remember touring it in California when I was 16

Big Ben from the river

A typical English breakfast which I found good and hearty

We took a ride on the Eye- each pod can hold more than 20 people

The vista's are amazing

St. James Park and Buckingham Palace from the Eye

Inside the pod of the Eye


Good Old Winston Churchill. He is one of my heroes. The first thing he would ask every morning after the Germans bombed the city was whether or not St. Paul's Cathedral was still standing. It was

Walking to Buckingham through St. Jame's Park

They had the greatest sand box ever. I want one

The daffodils were in bloom

Sherlock and I go way back!

Since we stayed right around the corner, I couldn't resist checking it out on the last day

I bought some candy bars for the kids and brought home some Muesli for me

I read some great books while on this trip. The Harvester by Gene Stratton Porter will alway's be one of my all time favorites. Wives and Daughters is also up there

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