Tuesday, March 8, 2011

50mm lens ah ha moment

I have been using my canon 24-105 L series zoom lens for all my pictures on this blog up until Cindy's funeral. I just couldn't figure out why my shots were not as sharp as other photo blogs that I look at. I had an 85mm prime portrait lens but I rarely used it because I just couldn't get much into it. Finally I had my sister-in-law Susie ask her cousin who is a fabulous photographer what lens she used-  http://www.tonyajoy.com/myjoy/  and she said she loves her 50mm prime lens. (Prime means that the lens does on zoom in and out. It's stationary) So I bought one and I love it. You can see the difference in the sharpness from the funeral to all the others. It shows more area than the 85. Now I want a 35mm for my landscape shots. It's only about $1200 so it might be a while!

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