Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lone Peak Preference Dance

Ah the adventures of Preference. I think this first picture sums up my view of Preference or Prom which my daughters would probably say is different from theirs. I keep telling them that I only had one Prom dress ever and my mom sewed it for me. They don't get it I think. Preference or Prom is not about mom and dad or the money they have to fork over. All that is irrelevant. It's about all the fun they are going to have for just one night. $500.00 and hours later since the fabric for the sleeves had to be purchased and sewn on, mom and dad are wondering if it is worth it. I guess if it wasn't we wouldn't have done it- this time.

Makayla McChesney and Brody Berry

Mason Squires and Abby

Anna and Taylor Cook

Ashley Stott and Nick LaMay

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