Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great White Elephant gift ideas at the annual Stout Family Christmas Potluck Party

This is a fun extended family party I throw at my house every Christmas. My kids look forward to it all year. I've been told some family members will look for White Elephant gifts all year long. I know I did this year. I bought a huge Chocolate Easter Bunny in an after Easter sale and saved it all year. It was quite a popular item. Some of the best ones we've had over the years have been a white trash cookbook. Who know's where they found that. A tacky photo frame with a picture of Napoleon Dynamite. A lawyer gave a large framed picture of himself that was pretty funny. Some "Jones" drinks that were flavored differently. One was Dinner Roll flavored, another was Turkey and Gravy etc.

This gift came with a card that says "from my personal stock. Best wishes Troy" Troy thought that was pretty funny since it wasn't from him.

Another favorite was the Grinch hat and t-shirt

The best though was the Hillbilly Briefcase and inside was Hillbilly bubble bath (a can of beans), an ear wax remover (key), calculator (a cut out of ten toes), a stapler (clothes line clip) and a Hillbilly cell phone (an empty can with a string attached)!

We also have a special visitor every year.

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