Monday, November 22, 2010

Hurricane - Juan Diego State Championship Football Game, 2010

I had to post these pictures of my alma mater's state championship game. I still have a little brother in high school and sometimes he brings his friends up to stay with us or my kids hang out with them when we go to Hurricane and so the point is that we knew some of the players. I've never seen such a sad game in my life. This was Hurricane's year to beat Juan Diego. They had played them for the championship the last two years in a row and lost. This year their team was bigger and better than ever. Like last year it came down to the final 3 seconds. The score was tied and with 3 seconds to go, Juan Diego kicked a field goal and won the game.

Most of Hurricane was there for the game. Juan Diego had half the fans

Kelly, Troy (my cousin) and Todd- I would have sat by them but didn't want to destroy their man time

Devastated Seniors- Goma (70) is OK though- he's going to the Utes

One sad fan

Cute Krista 

Abby, Krista and one sad fan


  1. Angelyn, did you notice the Iverson's in the picture with Troy and friends?

  2. Actually I didn't! It even took me a minute to find them. That's great!