Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peach Days in Hurricane, Aunt Cindy, Colorado City and Sand Hollow

For Labor Day weekend we sometimes like to go to Peach Day's in Hurricane which is where I grew up. Lots of my relatives go as well and we always have a great time. This time was no exception.

This is my Aunt Cindyand she had Downs Syndrome. She is almost 60 years old. This is her first Peach Days parade. She has lived a quiet life with my Grandma Thelma until Grandma passed away a few months ago. At first she wouldn't eat or drink anything and was put in the hospital, but now she is doing much better. She seems to like coming to my mom's house (her sister) even though chaos reigns. I am the oldest of 16 children and when we get together it's crazy, but we love it. Our kids beg us to go down whenever we can and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa and their cousins. Anyway, Cindy decided she liked my Dad's chair in the corner of the kitchen. She is out of way but can sit and listen to what is going on around her. She doesn't see very well. It's hilarious because dad will be sitting in his chair and she will come in and just glare at him and say "my chair" until he moves. In this picture Anna and Abby are entertaining her and teaching her how to rock out to "We built this City" by Jefferson Starship on the way to the parade. Yes, our kids love 80's music. I guess we have taught them well.

My relatives are a hoot, they were cheering loudly for every entry that came by. I think they got lots of candy

And this is really only a few of them

The Wells Fargo Stage Coach came all the way from California to be in our little parade! So I had to take a picture

My cousin Heather was interested to meet Cindy since she taught her Young Women's Sunday school group a couple of weeks ago and they had a story about Cindy in the lesson manual. It was a story called "Holding Hands with God" and it happened to Cindy years ago.

The kids had a great time and got loads of candy

Anna entered a picture of her Great Grandma Laurleen in the fair and won Sweepstakes

Joseph loves two things- books and photographs. I do too

My little niece Lizzy won a prize for her quilt she made. She had also made a pillow and skirt I believe. She's and amazing little thing. She's a little gymnest and she competes in rodeos. Her mother, Heidi won High Point Woman in the state competition last year.

There are lots booths and concession stands

We always get a least one Navajo Taco- its tradition

It takes place in my old elementary school. I remember getting chased by boys in this very area, or was I doing the chasing? I can't remember

The beloved farm of Grandma and Grandpa

Joseph loves the Cars movie so he found this newspaper with cars for sale and climbed up on Grandpa's bed and handed him half of the newspaper. So they read together

Visiting with the relatives is our favorite thing to do. This is my Uncle Marshal and he gives dollar bills to all little girls. If he doesn't have a dollar he will give them a five. I think he is the favorite great uncle!

My dad is growing almond trees. Besides these, we have pecans, all types of fruit trees and pomegranites

Its time to pick the peaches

My dad is the hardest working 75 year old that I know

Kade was making friends with the cute, little peaches

Another view of the farm

And another

Anna presented mom with a picture of herself. She loved it

Little Eliza- she wasn't too happy about getting her picture taken

Cindy and Joseph made friends quickly- Of all the 60 plus grandchildren, I am the only one with a Downs child. I consider myself greatly blessed

This is my beloved Pine Valley Mountain

We took a ride out to Colorado City, where the polygamists live, to get some raw milk and cheese for my sisters. It was interesting since I had only been once before in my life I think.

We saw this interesting house on the way

We checked out some cool rocks

Saw some gorgeous views of PineValley Mountain

And Hurricane

Main street in Hurricane- they are making it into four lanes now. It used to be just two

Then we went boating at Sand Hollow

Cody, my brother in law knew how to give the kids a good time

He was a little easier on the little girls

We even did a little cliff jumping

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