Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Montreal, Quebec City, Lake Champlain, Sharon, VT and Fort Ticonderoga

David had a conference in Montreal and it was $300 cheaper to fly into Burlington, Vermont and rent a car so we did. I was thrilled since Vermont was one of the states on my list to check off. It was only a two hour drive to Montreal from Burlington and I love road trips anyway. I didn't expect to have to wait an extra hour at the border to get into Canada, but it was all good since we weren't in any hurry.

We left our children in the capable hands of Anna and Abby and they did just great. We talked to them every night on Skype and they could get a hold of us on cell phones as well.

Lake Champlain and Burlington, VT

The view from our hotel in Montreal

The first day we took an open top bus tour

Left overs from the World Fair in 1967- This was the US pavilion

Habitat 67 built for the world fair by Moshe Safdie- it is still occupied

I thought I left my wedding rings in the hotel in Panama City. I found them in my camera bag during this trip

L'Oratoire St-Joseph Montreal

We stopped at the Mont-Royal park because we heard they had a great view of the city

They were correct

I get to be in more pictures when it's just David and I

Talking to the kids on Skype

The next day I took a walking tour of the old part of Montreal. The first stop was the Notre Dame Basilica

Interesting art in Montreal

Pretty windows

Musée du Château Ramezay Montreal- They say the founding fathers stayed here on their visits including George Washington

They told me I could climb to the top of the Clock Tower and so I did

Pretty view of the St. Lawrence River from the Clock Tower

The next day I took a day trip tour up to Quebec City- what a treasure of a city! It's a walled city on top that was built by the French. They English took it over in the French and Indian War and it has been British ever since. However, and this is true with Montreal as well, the French were allowed to keep their language and today almost everyone who lives in this area speaks perfect English and French

Where Montreal was grey and all business, Quebec City was bright and very quaint

This is a picture of the Funiculaire which is a tram that will take you up and down from the old part of Quebec on top to the bottom new part of the city

Bright, lovely windows

A mural of the city's history painted by 12 different artists. It is near place royal

Château Frontenac is the magnificent hotel on top of the walled city. It was once a railroad building. This was a view from a boat cruise we took

I could not get enough of the view of this beautiful city

We cruised out to see the Montmorency Falls

Back on the bus we went up to the old city. This is a view from Champs De Bataille park across the St. Laurent River

Statue of Samual De Champlain- the founder of Quebec City

Taking the funiculaire down the the new part of Quebec City

Interesting things to see

The next day we drove back to Vermont to a Bed and Breakfast on Lake Champlain- this is Fort Montgomery

We found this delightful field of Sunflowers

Stopped and ate lunch at Hero's on the lake

David bringing me my Ethan Allen sandwich

I loved Vermont

Our little piece of Shore Acres Bed and Breakfast

The view off our back porch

The dining room

I have read so much history about Lake Champlain it was a priviledge for me to visit it

We did a little exploring

It was a peaceful place

We went kayaking

It was my first time

This is one of the few bathing shots you will ever see of me!

We went swimming

It was cold!

After dinner we were treated to a beautiful sunset

The next day we drove to Sharon, Vermont- the birthplace of Joseph Smith

It was one of the most spiritual places I have ever been in

The visitor's center

and beautifully kept

They had the Tabernacle Choir music playing from the trees

It was an amazing experience

We then drove across Vermont through some backways to get to Fort Ticonderoga

And saw some cool covered bridges on the way

Remember Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boy's who took Fort Ticonderoga without firing a shot in the Revolutionary war- These are the Green Mountains

Then we took a ferry over to New York

The fort had a beautiful view

and some big guns

Some great actors

and some beautiful gardens

They had a museum inside

They demonstrated a cannon shot for us- I wished my kids were there

Notice the peak of the mountain. We are going there next

You can see the fort down below

On the way back we saw the Kissing Bridge

And so we did

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  1. Great photo's and comments. I enjoyed your site. John in Burlington.