Monday, August 30, 2010

I got my new Canon Mark II!- Photography Class Photos

February, 2010- We finally decided to go ahead and get me my new camera. I just wanted a used Canon 5D since I didn't plan on going professional, but David wanted me to have a new one and so we bought the Mark II. I just wish we had decided to do it before we went on the Mexican Riviera Cruise. Oh well. These are the best pictures from the rest of my photography class.

Frozen fountains at the Zermatt Resort in Heber City

We learned how to add textures. I didn't think too hard about this one and did it in about 10 minutes. Some people loved it and some didn't. I meant it to be artsy.

My niece Lilly- This one was about catch-lights

Megan- more catch lights

We learned some fun photoshop stuff


Flash photography- we learned how to bounce our flash off back and side walls and the ceiling

Side wall


Back wall

Back wall

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