Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project 365, 2009 or Project Life as it is now called

I can't resist blogging anymore. I really should have started my blog at least a year ago but have been doing everything else instead. Now I regret it and so will start with older pictures. I did project 365 last year and am doing project life this year. Here are some of my favorites from 365. All pictures here are taken with my Rebel XT. I promise my pictures will get better.

Fall Harvest
Brothers and Zion

My neighbor grew huge sunflowers.
Silly girls
A piece of my neighbor Larry's fence blew down in front of my house. This is what was showing. What a great nieghbor to have!
Megan on Grandpa's Haystack with Molly's Navel (that is not its real name) in the background.
More silly girls!
Make-up is a major endeavor at our house.
Emerald- one amazing little model.
Anna and Abby and fun with fabric!
The most wonderful parents in the world! OK, the title is corny but David wrote it not me!
Grandma Bryce's backyard
Cousins and Umbrellas.
Family fall pictures.
Anna and her art.
Some fall canning.
Teaching my sunday school class. Yah, who ever gets a picture of that? David saw me and went home to grab the camera. I never knew he took the picture.
Not the best exposure but lots of love!
Emerald and Megan in skirts they made and never wore again.
Not a great picture of me, but what a great friend! Thanks Lisa!
Rex plays football.
Butternut squash soup. Yum!
Beautiful rainbow taken with my new 24-105 canon lens from my front step. What a beautiful view I have!
My dad doing his thing.
Anna's art that she gave away. This was one of her first pieces.

Rex on our trampoline.
My brothers wedding. I took the pictures.
My Joseph. My Love
Family Christmas Picture

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